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Currently, I'm not looking for any new projects.

Why should you hire me?

My strength is to break into complicated problems, understand complex abstract structures and relationships, or design them on my own. In short, I can see patterns where others can't, and I'm looking for a complex project where this skill is essential.

Please don't contact me with projects which count in months. I'm not necessarily looking for a project where I spend another eight or more years (even though it would be great), but several years is a minimum. I need to see the results of my work and continuously improve them.

For part of my career, I've managed a team of engineers, and I enjoyed it, but I prefer to be a developer over a manager – or at least have both roles well-balanced.


JavaScript (both "Vanilla" JavaScript and TypeScript) is where I feel strong and what I'm enjoying. In Shoptet, I was one of the initiators of the transition to the new stack using React, NextJS & GraphQL.

As Shoptet core was PHP & MySQL powered, I feel pretty strong in using PHP and a bit experienced in using SQL. Throughout the years, I've met a bunch of templating systems, and I'm not afraid of none of them.

Like every JS developer, I've made (as a "mental training") my own blog system written in NodeJS using MongoDB, including the setup of the Debian server from scratch. Despite it, I can't call myself a NodeJS developer (even though I could be in the future, it's one of the areas where I want to focus). And no, I have zero ambition to be the Linux admin, now or in the future :-)

Other technologies and tools I've met: AJAX, ES6, Rest API, WebPack, Grunt, Bash, Vagrant, Docker, CSS pre-processors, Bootstrap, Kibana, PageSpeed, BrowserStack, CygWin, Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Slack/Slab, Phabricator & Arcanist, WordPress among many others. And, of course, I am professional in using Git.

I like learning new things, and I can learn new technologies quickly.

Sounds good?

Are you still interested after reading the lines above? Do you feel that I could be the right person for your project, and your project could be the right one for me? Please e-mail me.

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Václav Vracovský | Lipno 5, 330 35 Líšťany, Czechia | IČ: 76325661