Václav Vracovský

Frontend developer

I've got many years of experience from large amount of both Czech and foreign projects. Currently, I work as a head of frontend development at the company Shoptet.

If you want to contact me with a work offer, email me at vaclav@vracovsky.cz; do not use LinkedIn, please.

Bear in mind, that price of one-shot work starts at 100€ per hour of my work. Prices of large and interesting projects can be subject of negotiation, though.

Something personal…

Years ago, I also made a website about my favorite singer Zuzana Navarová and about my favorite director David Lynch. Both sites combine my lack of time to update them; in the case of Zuzana, then, to finish :-)


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Václav Vracovský | Lipno 5, 330 35 Líšťany, Czechia | IČ: 76325661